Reader's Bundle


Bundle Empathy with a Surprisingly Excellent Bookmark for a complete reading experience, and save! **Comes with free shipping Australia wide**

About Empathy:
The ultra-rich have abandoned Earth. Cruising far above its congested surface in lavish Sky Towns, they partake in the ultimate luxury—pleasure-nymphs, augmented humans capable of echoing and amplifying a client’s every indulgent sensation.

So who would kidnap a nymph, torture her, and leave her for dead?

Empathy is a fast-paced thriller set in a world where empathy is a service, a luxury and a corruption. For one pleasure-nymph, it may also be her only weapon.

About Fay's Surprisingly Excellent Bookmark:
Handmade by the author from brass wire, this is an innovation in bookmarks: one that doesn't fall out, doesn't damage your book and is both water and wear resistant.

The flat end slips between the pages, while the round end snuggles the spine, keeping the bookmark secure even if the book is turned upside down, shaken about, its pages rifled - or all three at once! The loop top makes it easy to push the bookmark on and pull it off, without getting in the way.

This is a bookmark that does what all bookmarks should: keep your place in the book, reliably and without a fuss. Once you start using it, you'll agree - it's surprisingly excellent!